The Murad Code, a survivor-centric global code of conduct for the documentation and investigation of conflict-or-atrocity-related sexual violence (CARSV) named for Nadia Murad, was published on April 14, 2022.

The Institute for International Criminal Investigations led the consultative project to develop this code. In 2021, PJI provided specialist recommendations to IICI in their preparation of a working paper to set out the general landscape of capacity-building for justice actors working on conflict and atrocity related sexual violence. This working paper laid the foundation for capacity building recommendations and publication of the Murad Code. PJI previously provided written feedback on the Murad Code in 2020 and contributed to in-depth consultations in the conceptualisation phase of the drafting. The Murad Code is intended to be a Code of Conduct for documenters of atrocities, to ensure a victim-centered and “do no harm” approach.

The Murad Code is available in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

The English version of the background paper to the draft Murad Code and the draft Murad Code (annex A) itself are available here

Both Kathy Roberts and Max Marcus serve as core faculty at the Institute for International Criminal Investigations.