Where We Work

PJI prioritizes work where we will have the greatest impact.

PJI’s Legal Team has assisted local practitioners or worked on cases and situations involving Bosnia-Hercegovina, the Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, Colombia, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Guinea, the Ivory Coast, Kenya, Kosovo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia/Somaliland, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Rwanda, the United States, and Tunisia.

In addition to confidential work, PJI has active projects relating to the situations below.


Kenya is a multiethnic, multilingual democracy that has struggled for decades to break with a past marked by violent colonial rule and dictatorship.

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Guatemala is a multiethnic, multilingual nation that has been plagued by violence and exclusion directed at the poorest and most vulnerable of its citizens, specifically indigenous Mayan communities.

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