PJI facilitates the circulation and exchange of knowledge and experience locally and among practitioners and experts around the globe.

PJI trainers are career practitioners with years of hands-on experience as prosecutors, litigators, and investigators in the field of international criminal law.

As leading experts in the field, members of the PJI Legal Team provide training and capacity building in international criminal law and investigations for national and international prosecutors, investigators, victim lawyers, judges, and human rights researchers.

PJI’s flagship accompaniment programme often commences with training in the methodology and legal tools for building and litigating complex criminal cases. The training modules which form the curriculum of this training serve as the foundation for the accompaniment which most often follows training.

PJI experts regularly offer trainings related to international criminal investigation and litigation, including:

  • International criminal investigations;
  • Evidence in complex criminal cases;
  • International criminal law and procedure;
  • National prosecution of international crimes;
  • Investigating conflict-related sexual violence;
  • Legal standards for prosecuting international crimes and grave human rights violations;
  • The investigative interview;
  • Civil litigation as a human rights tool; and
  • Victim representation and ethics for victim lawyers.

PJI Legal Team has provided training to the following organisations, among others:

  • European Judicial Training Network
  • EUROJUST/Genocide Network
  • Justice Rapid Response
  • Tunisian Truth and Dignity Commission
  • Special Prosecutions Office of the Republic of Kosovo (SPRK) and Kosovo Police War Crimes Investigations Unit
  • UN Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan
  • South Sudan Law Society
  • Guatemalan Public Ministry Internal Armed Conflict Unit (CAI)
  • American Jewish World Service (AJWS)
  • Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)

Contact us at legal@partnersinjustice.org for more information about PJI’s training programs.