PJI provides practical support to those serious crime prosecutors, victim representatives, and police and civil society investigators who are in the best position to open pathways to justice for victims where they live.

Our Method

PJI’s capacity building through partnership method empowers local justice actors to challenge impunity for grave crimes, advance justice for victims where they live, and build resilience to sustain peace and democracy long term.

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Where We Work

PJI prioritizes work where we will have the greatest impact. We consider how great the need is for our particular skills; how likely it is that there will be impact for victims through litigation; and how urgent the need is in light of time passed since the crimes were committed.

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Current Projects and Recent Interventions

PJI focuses on providing practical support to local practitioners, facilitating the circulation and exchange of knowledge and experience, and intervening at the highest levels to advance the rights of victims and survivors of atrocity crimes.

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