On September 22, 2021, PJI lawyers Max Marcus and Kathy Roberts joined Chief Special Prosecutor Drita Hajdari to discuss their work in Kosovo on Asymmetrical Haircuts, an international justice podcast.

PJI is thrilled to share with you a newly released podcast, where Kosovo’s Chief Special Prosecutor Drita Hajdari speaks about her courageous work bringing long awaited justice to survivors of conflict-related sexual violence in Kosovo’s national courts.  PJI has had the honour of accompanying Prosecutor Hajdari through this journey, and the podcast explains how PJI’s methodology serves our national peers.

Within this engaging discussion, Max and Kathy lay out PJI’s unique accompaniment model and the values that underpin it, such as the need to counter the gravity of colonial patterns by shifting key knowledge, and therefore power, to local actors who can create pathways to justice at home. The group also discussed how Kosovo’s situation is both similar and different to other transitional justice contexts, impacting the kinds of technical support that PJI provides.

Listen to the podcast episode with hosts Stephanie van den Berg and Janet Anderson.