PJI Co-Director Kathy Roberts contributed to a panel discussion designed with the goal of building shared understanding between civil-society documenters and investigators on June 3, 2021.

Kathy’s presentation was entitled “Facilitating Collaboration: Civil Society and Law Enforcement Approaches to Documenting International Crimes.” In her presentation, Kathy emphasized that civil society documenters and government-aligned investigators often have good reasons not to trust each other, but at the same time, they need each other to accomplish certain goals, in particular, the goal of justice for victims of mass atrocity crimes. She elaborated how many barriers can be overcome from a practical perspective, recognizing the realities of the risks and benefits to each stakeholder within their respective mandates.

The webinar was convened by the Transitional Justice Working Group based in Seoul. Other panelists included Claudelice Santos and Mary Menton from Not One More, Aoiss Aldobouch from the Syria Justice Accountability Center, and Sun Kim from the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar. The full panel presentation was public and open to all. A recording is available below.