On December 10, 2021, at an event in Guatemala, PJI Director Max Marcus joined an incredible group of speakers addressing the theme: “El principio de credibilidad como herramienta jurídica y social contra la impunidad de la violencia sexual” – the principle of credibility as a legal and social tool against impunity for sexual violence.

This event marking International Human Rights Day was hosted by the Asociatión de Mujeres de Guatemala (AMG), a group dedicated to raising awareness of and addressing the violation of women’s rights in Guatemala, Latin America, and beyond.

AMG hosted a two day event, bringing together speakers both in person and remotely from around the world, all while centering the motto #yotecreo or #Ibelieveyou. Ms. Marcus discussed her own experience working on issues of sexual and gender based violence in Guatemala and elsewhere, questioning “where do we get the idea that documents are credible but survivors are not?” She also referenced the landmark Sepur Zarco case in her remarks, a case in which the PJI Legal Team provided technical support to prosecutors and victim lawyers, resulting in the conviction of two military officers for sexual slavery as a war crime and as a crime against humanity.

Watch Ms. Marcus’ presentation here; the entire two day event was live streamed and recorded on the YouTube page of UN Women for Latin America and the Caribbean, ONU Mujeres América Latina y el Caribe.

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