Credits for photography are listed in the order they appear on each page of the Website, moving from top to bottom and left to right on each page, with the exception of featured projects and stories on the home page.


Photo by Elena Hermoso, Catalina Sanchez testifies during the trial of former Guatemalan military dictator Rios Montt in 2013. Montt was on trial for genocide linked to the massacres of indigenous communities in the early 1980s (

Photo by Extraordinary Chambers of the Courts of Cambodia, 30 August 2011: A number of Buddhist Monks from Preah Sihanouk Raja Buddhist University attended the second of the preliminary hearings on Nuon Chea’s and Ieng Thirith’s fitness to stand trial. Colour removed, cropped (

Because featured projects and stories are subject to change on the home page but remain on their parent pages, credits for photos relating to all projects and stories can be found listed with “Stories” or “Current Projects and Recent Interventions” below.


Vision, Mission, and History

Photo by Eric Ward, Berlin, Germany (Unsplash).

Our Values and Impact

Photo by Trocaire, Guatemala 4, GHR 16 (9269372204), Maria Soto and other Ixil women celebrate after former Guatemalan dictator Rios Montt was found guilty of genocide against the indigenous Ixil people in the 1980s, cropped (,_GHR_16_(9269372204).jpg).


Our Method

Photo by United States Army Office of the Chief of Counsel for War Crimes, Prosecution witness Hanna Solf sits on the witness stand at the Nuremberg Trials, April 1947, (public domain).

Where We Work

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Photo by Stefan Krasowski, North Korea’s Nuclear Backpack (

Photo by Micha Brandli, Pyongyang, North Korea (Unsplash)

Photo by Chris Rossel, Pyongyang, North Korea (Unsplash)


Photo by Leonel Lopez, 9a. Avenida 1, Quezaltenango, Guatemala (Unsplash).

Photo by Robert Schediwy, Military in Chichicastenango (1971) (

Photo by Jacob Mgollón (CMI Guatemala), Tribunal A de Mayor Riesgo – condena de Efraín Ríos Montt por genocidio (Session of the High Risk Court A on the day ex general Efrain Rios Montt was sentenced for genocide) (


Photo by Sergey Pesterev, Amboseli National Park, Kenya (Unsplash).

Photo by Ludwig Wegmann, Jomo Kenyaatta, Präsident von Kenia (1966)(


Photo by Besart Ademi, Prizreni (Unsplash).

Photo by Marietta Amarcord, War in the Balkans Kosovo 1999 (

Photo by Sally Hossack, Blood Memory, Gjonaj, Kosova 2nd May 1999 (,_Gjonaj,_Kosova,_2nd_May_1999.jpg).

Photo by Dozetdarko at Serbian Wikipedia, Kosovo-metohija-koreni-duse16 (

Photo by Capt Jim Gallagher, Warrior Armoured Personnel Carriers are cheered on as they pass refugees, Southern Kosovo Border (

International Institutions

Photo by Steve Cadman, the United Nations Secretariat Building, cropped (

Photo by U.S. Army, Witness testifies about the Lidice massacre at the RuSHA trial, US Army (public domain).

Photo by Vysotsky, International Criminal Court, The Hague, 2020 (

Current Projects and Recent Interventions

Photo by Sear Greyson, Untitled (Unsplash).

Crimes Against Humanity in North Korea

Photo by Random Institute, Holidays in North Korea (Unsplash).

War Crimes in Kosovo

Photo by Claudio Poli, Kosovo War Memorial, Prinstina, 2, 2 August 2012 (,_Pristina,_2.JPG).

Post-Election Sexual Violence in Kenya

Photo by Ninara, Y1A0811 Nairobi, Kenya (,_Kenya_(16703357583).jpg).

Advisory Group, Transitional Justice in South Sudan

Photo by Randy Fath, Dinka tribe, South Sudan (Unsplash).

Amicus Brief, In Re Chiquita Brands International

Photo by Matthew T. Rader, Untitled (Unsplash).

Submission, CEDAW draft General Recommendation

Photo by Michael Dziedzic, View through a boutique window in a section of the old downtown (Unsplash).


Photo by Annie Spratt, Bird Flying, Street Art in Lisbon, Portugal (Unsplash).

Photo by Scott Umstattd, A woman carries a basket of flowers next to the cobblestone streets and crumbling walls of Antigua, Guatemala (Unsplash).

Become a Co-Founder of Partners in Justice International

Photo by AMISOM Public Information, Tobin Jones, A Somali girl walks down a road at sunset in an IDP camp near the town of Jowhar, Somalia (Public Domain).


Photo by Diliff, edited by Vassil, A panorama of a research room taken at the New York Public Library (


Photo by Diogo Nunes, Untitled (Unsplash).


Photo by Perry Grone, Untitled (Unsplash).


Photo by Lucas Metz, Salar de Uyuni, Uyuni, Bolivia (Unsplash).

Our Work in the Time of COVID-19

Photo by Kristina Tripkovic, Untitled (Unsplash).

International Criminal Justice in the Age of Social Media

Photo by Jakob Owens, Untitled (Unsplash).


Photo by U.S. Navy, Bell System Switchboard (public domain).